Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giada! Giada! Giada!

I sat right behind Giada at the Paley center's event on Tuesday. I was thinking, "I could just reach out and touch her hair right now." Would security kick me out? What's the worst thing that could happen? I decided if you are going to mash someone you should at least be polite and ask.

So I waited until she signed my book, innocently asked about her hair products and then asked her if I could touch her hair. The people in line behind me started cracking up. She grabbed a big handful of hair and offered it to me. I just gently rubbed it between my fingers and said it was soft and then ran off with my book, giggling all the way to the elevator. Now if I can only grope Anthony Bourdain my life will be complete.

Read about Giada at the Paley

Check out my "above board" blog linked above (where I don't admit to my crazy exploits) for info on the food and interview.


Anonymous said...

Elise: you have outdone yourself on these two posts; bravo.beth

ila said...

you are so cute! i would do anything to get a hug from alton brown...