Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rising Stars: Rory Hermann

Can't forget the finishing touch!

Rory Hermann of Bouchon Bistro and I have bumped into each other a few times in the past - once in the kitchen of Bouchon during their grand opening with our good friend Larry King, who we often get together with for coffee and a round of canasta.

Rory won my heart with these little pork belly and pesto bites

For my first formal dinner at Bouchon, I ordered the luscious short ribs and my friend went for the breast.

We visited the kitchen after our gorgeous meal. Maybe it was the fact that I'd been allowed to run wild all over the place during the opening so I felt at home. Maybe it was the champagne or just my boisterous personality. but I didn't enter the kitchen with the usual humility. Rory was happy to hear our compliments and stopped all of the staff so he could announce, "These fine young ladies here have reported that they just had a meal that totally kicked ass!" to resounding applause.

They have a wide-screen TV with a 2-way live feed between this kitchen and the one in Yountville, which was a trip. After getting some sauce-making advice, we waved goodbye and waved thanks to everyone, then in a strange Cheap Trick moment I raised my hands over my head and hollered at the screen, "...and good-niiight Yountville!"

So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised when I introduced myself to the chef at Rising Stars and he said, "Oh, YOU I remember." Everyone at their station was laughing and having a good time. In addition to the Sweetbreads with Celery and Sauce Perigourdine they had those lovely, lovely chocolate bouchons. They even had little bags of brittle to take home. Such good hosts.



Rory Hermann receiving his award from Thomas Keller




Thomas Keller looks ready to start some mischief with those pesky balls of his


...and Rory gets the reach on John Rivera Sedlar.


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Btw Kiki, what they mentioned about your "bounce rate" at "Food Blogger Forum" seminar was pure bullshit. Blogging, just like HS, can be a bit of a popularity contest. Make no mistake about it. Perhaps it's time to use LAist's powers to force more eyeballs on your own site?