Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LA Weekend's Hot Dog Panel

LA Weekend started out with Jonathan Gold moderating a panel about hot dogs with people "who have forgotten more about hot dogs than most of us will ever learn." Joe Fabrocini from Fab's in the valley, Sue Moore from Let's Be Frank, who started making her own dogs 5 years ago in San Francisco, and Duane Earle from Earlez, south of the 10 Freeway.

Duane Earle from Earlez, Joe Fabrocini from Fab's, Jonathan Gold and Sue Moore of Let's be Frank

Gold started off talking about his family's quest for the ultimate Chicago Dog and the hot dog spots gone by. Earl, who was a charmer and raconteur, grew up working a hot dog cart in New York. They discussed the importance of the dog itself versus the toppings. Fabrocini said everyone's favorite dog is the dog they grew up with. He emphasized that you cannot fry any dog and call it a ripper -- a ripper is a specially made hot dog for deep-frying.

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