Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nate n Al's Mish Mash Soup

The weather outside is frightful, but here inside Nate 'n Al it's toasty and warm. The waitress treats you like she's your mom, chiding you if you don't eat enough soup. Nothing takes the chill off like a big, hot bowl of Mish Mash soup (pronounced by most people as "mish mosh"). Matzoh ball soup is usually considered to be the ultimate comfort food, but in this soup you get the best of everything - a big, fluffy, perfectly cooked matzoh ball, a soft Kreplach dumpling with a bland filling that yields easily to the bite, plus kasha, rice and barley. Mish Mosh was made for those winter days when you are under the weather. Nothing too spicy, nothing too challenging, and the soft carbohydrates require hardly any chewing. After all, we wouldn't want you to strain yourself, would we? Now eat!

Nate 'n Al
414 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills 90210


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