Saturday, January 12, 2008

Party Food: White Trash meatballs

This is the recipe that will bar me forever from the Cordon Bleu, that will cause Anthony Bourdain to look upon me with scorn; it is cooking's dirty little secret. I first discovered these meatballs at a raging 4th of July party. I couldn't believe what they put in the sauce! It's just so awful! Then I tried it myself and now all of my friends are addicted. They stand around at my parties arguing, "No, it's sweet and sour" "It's got to be some kind of Jezebel sauce" "Well it's not BBQ." But I have no shame. I am willing to hold my head up high and tell the world the secret of the...

White Trash Meatballs

1 package Costco frozen meatballs (go ahead and laugh)
2 bottles Chili sauce (It''s near the cocktail sauce in the market)
2 cups Grape jelly (You heard me. Grape jelly. Trip on that)

Mix it all together in a Crockpot, and get the party started!!!

Don't scoff until you have tried them. I would never steer you wrong. For reals.

By the way, you would not believe how many people have uploaded pictures of IKEA Meatballs on Flickr.

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