Monday, March 30, 2009

The Most Awesome Chili Fries ...EVER

Cartoonist B. Kliban once advised, "Never eat anything bigger than your head." But what did he know? He also thought cats should play banjos.

The Hat has been serving up deliciously greasy pastrami sandwiches since 1951. They are so old-school, they only recently started accepting credit cards. Although pastrami dips are the main attraction, locals know to go there for the chili fries. The massive mound of junk food is a sight to behold, a challenge to the heartiest of appetites. Even the big, burly blue collar workers that inhabit the formica booths are unable to finish an entire plate.

The chili fries are a deal at 4.79. For 53 cents you can add cheese, which we highly recommend. If you want to add tomato and pickle for 20 cents more, hey, it's all you. You can even get pastrami on top. Do not be tempted to try the wet fries covered only in gravy. They are too bland and midwestern - you will be wishing for chili.

Their nine locations in places skirting Los Angeles, like Pasadena, Simi Valley and Alhambra aren't officially LA to purists, but we are more than willing to expand our borders a little to include The Hat. If only to give last summer's block o' fries a run for their money.

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