Monday, March 23, 2009

Seattle Monday: More Pikety Pike Pike

I was staring out the window, and I asked Eartha if she might want to go up in the Space Needle. She pointed out that we were looking down at the Space Needle and therefore had a better view anyways. Smarty.

After splitting an eggs benedict and one more viewing of the can't-get-enough-of-it Twilight, Anne picked up Eartha and I Tuesday and we went down to Pike Place. Eartha was a little rambunctious, running around the boardwalk. Anne asked, "Have you been giving her sugar?"
"Of course not."

I got a baffling fortune from one of those animatronic fortune tellers:

Standard setting directives you set must be followed but the important thing is self reformation. The words of appointment for accomplishment are pleasing but the important thing is self reflection. There is nothing you can do to gain complete satisfaction without self reflection. Nor can there be compliance without self reformation. Put loyalty and reliability first.If you have faults do not fear self-improvement.

We started out at a nice fish restaurant upstairs so we could relax, but I knew I wanted fish from The Salmon Cooker, so I just had a clam chowder. For once I forgot my camera, and didn't take any pictures of that meal. Shocker. But then Ed showed up with a camera and I was able to get some photos of the arcade and The Cooker. Here is what I said about it on my last visit to Seattle:

The Salmon Cooker is owned and operated by local indians. They alder-smoke all of their fish. The cod was smoky and flaky, and the chips were done perfectly all the way to the center even though they were humongous. The chowder was intense with the usual Italian herbs - rosemary, thyme, possibly marjoram, but there was one distinct taste I couldn't place. The helpful cook let me in on the secret - mustard seed! Anne loves their coleslaw and can eat 2 orders in one sitting.

This time I tried the halibut with their thick-cut fries. The cod is the better of the two.

The view from our room was lovely, especially the sunset that evening.

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