Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Orleans: Fais Do Do

The fais-do-do was held at The Bayou Barn, a giant barn in Baritaria. There was boiled shrimp, potatoes and corn, bread and jambalaya on the main buffet. The spices had plenty of time to soak into the shrimp, so it was very flavorful, even though it's harder to peel than crawfish.

There were boiled crawfish, which could have used a little more spice, but were tender and delicious. I think they were turning the later batches over so fast they weren't as spicy.

I had the most fun throwing the live ones to the gators that lurked at water's edge, waiting for a handout, no pun intended. One woman sidled up to me and said, "They can run faster than you can, you know." But they can't make fast turns, so remember that if you are ever being chased by an alligator. And they can't climb trees. Or drive cars. Or shoot guns. Come to think of it, I am way scarier than a gator.

Crawfish have many uses. Like freaking people out.

The setup:

The attack!!!!

There was also a pig roasted over green oak. I didn't know green wood burned, but what do I know. The pig was 2 years old, had been cooking since 6am, and his name was Fred. The meat of the cochon de lait was sweet and succulent. It may have been my favorite thing on the menu.


There was a zydeco band, dancing and fun.

They had a Roadfood jingle contest. We were supposed to work in groups, but between eating, drinking, playing with alligators and chasing people around with live crawfish, time got away from me.

Bob wrote this one up on the spur of the moment:

Crap fast food just ain't for me
Tates like the floor of a factory
And Ronald McDonald you're no friend of mine
'Cause I like food thats made by hand
From the salt of the earth
and the fat of the land
Get some Roadfood, and Buddy, you're doin' fine

I tried some "swamp water" which is made from lots of alcohol, orange juice, pineapple juice, and I swear to God, snowball syrup. As the buses drove us back through the dark swamps, I was grateful I didn't discover the swamp juice until the very end of the night.


Orange juice (2 quarts)
Margarita mix (1 bottle)
Peach Schnapps (1/2 bottle)
Malibu Rum (1/2 bottle)
Pineapple juice (2 quarts)
Triple Sec (1/4 bottle)
Vodka (to taste)
Praline flavored snowball syrup concentrate
Blueberry flavored snowball syrup concentrate

The Roadfood Report

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