Thursday, May 21, 2009

There's No Biz like Sno Bliz

We stopped at Hansen's Sno Bliz for shaved ice treats. What's the difference between a sno cone, a sno ball and a sno bliz?

According to, a snowball is defined as "hard, crunchy, grated ice is doused with moderate amounts of syrup..." A sno ball "looks like a snow cone but feels more like actual snow than hard ice chunks." It is often topped with condensed milk.

Sno Bliz is the home of the sno ball, where they invented the machine that shaves the ice into flurries as light as air. They still use the original machine.

At Sno Bliz they layer ice and syrup to make sure the ice is fully saturated. When I asked the difference between a snowball and a snow bliz, they said, "well, it is our brand name." They also have a flavor called "bliz" that most people liken to tart strawberry. I love that they have a size called "baby duper".

There are special flavors including "cream" flavors, "plain" flavors, and "tart" flavors, including cream of almond, cream of marshmallow, cream of blueberry, spearmint, banana and bubblegum. To make it simple for the Roadfood special event, the choices were narrowed to only three: Strawberry, Tart Satsuma and Cream of Nectar.

I chose the "nectar" flavor because it was new and exciting. They could only describe the flavor to me as "sweet". It was similar to cream soda. Bob ordered the satsuma, which was so startlingly tart it made you gleak. You could order it with or without condensed milk. Almost everyone chooses the condensed milk.

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