Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cruisin for Insomniacs

Not only am I a total insomniac, but my room-mate snored. So I often was up wandering the deck in the wee hours. There were not the midnight buffets of my fantasies, but there was still a bit of adventure.

While the nightclubs were still open, there was a sushi bar (for pay). It closed as the dance clubs closed down.

The only 24-hour food for late-night was room service or pizza.

The room service was pretty good. There was a variety of sandwiches, a few salads and desserts, including cheesecake. This sandwich is a really weird color because I ate it in the hallway so as not to wake anyone up.

This group was celebrating a "divorce party" after a quickie Vegas wedding.

Although the divorcing couple seemed pretty friendly. That's one amicable divorce.

While up at a ridiculous hour I met my only fellow insomniac, Shelly. She started cruising about 3 years ago and just never stopped. She has been all over the world and every employee knew her by name. There are worse ways to spend your time.

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