Sunday, January 10, 2010

Agura opening party

Last November my friend Ellin and I hit the opening party for Agura, the first US version of a high-end izakaya chain in Japan. It will focus on Japanese and French fusion. Frenchonese? I was excited when I saw items on the menu like Dry Gin Lobster and Foie Gras with Furofuki Daikon-Miso Seame Creamy Sauce. Thanks, Sinosoul for the hookup.

Just pulling up to the valet it was clear the place was a madhouse - a huge crowd, lights, and Taiko drummers in the streets.

This tourbus got an eyeful. Welcome to Hollywood!

There was a ceremony to bless a giant vat of sake

The sake was then served to guests as they entered

There was a sushi bar overseen by a giant Buddha. The sushi chef is Nobu Shishido.

People were descending on the sushi bar and passed hors d'ouvres like vultures. Starving vultures. The tempura scallops were very good, but I am not a huge fan of sushi. The design was interesting and they had a beautiful carved bar

The music was good and the sake was flowing, so we stayed and had fun in spite of the competitive snacking.

I started just chatting and taking pictures of attractive people


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