Sunday, June 6, 2010

Philadelphia's Best Cheesesteak: Campo's

Campo's on Market in Old City made the top of my list for the best cheesesteak I ate in Philadelphia. Granted, I didn't make it to South Philly or Tony Luke's. The Campo family opened a little corner grocery in 1947. The next generation took over in 1975. There is still a mom and pop homey feel.

The steak is chopped, and the sandwiches come with onions and peppers. The bread is from Sarcone's Bakery. It was definitely the best cheesesteak I ate in Philly and the only place I returned to more than once.

Little peppers stuffed with prosciutto and cheese were addictive.

Besides cheesesteaks, they had a stunning menu. Check this one out:

chicken, steak, pepperoni, bacon, fried onions, marscarpone cheese

I took home the Mamma Mia for lunch the next day. God, I wish I had this sandwich right now.

Mamma Mia - $8.00
Prosciutto, sopressata, old-fashioned capocolla, sharp provolone, hot & sweet roasted peppers

This is the best hoagie and cheesesteak place in Philly, and I will stand behind that! Especially if some of those meaty Italian cooks are standing behind me.

Jim's Cheesesteak Review


Val said...

Philly definitely has some amazing food, and cheese steak is only one dish among many that make it a food town. The sandwich you had looks a hell of a lot better than Geno's or Pat's...

Kiki Maraschino said...

Definitely. Wait til you see it when I get to Geno's and Pats!

Robert Thompson said...

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